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Delivering Comprehensive Capital Reserve Studies

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Why is a Reserve Study Needed?

• To assure common and limited common elements are kept in good repair to protect owner investment in their home and preserve quality of life features
• All owners should pay their fair share for the time they own
• If funds are not available when work is done current owners will be special assessed or burdened with a loan
• Underfunded reserves benefit those who sold, penalizes those who remain
• Buyers are more sophisticated today, they know to ask about reserve funding-no one wants to get hit with a special assessment or loan
• Government agencies who back mortgages may require a current reserve study
• Some State Statutes mandate a reserve study

Sample Reserve Studies
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All Firms Do Reserve Studies a Little Differently, We:

• Calculate the reserve requirement using both the “Cash Flow” and “Component” methods
• Include photographs
• Provide an Excel spreadsheet showing, 1) component, 2) quantity, 3) average and remaining useful life, 4) estimated cost and a 10-year expense projection so the association can develop their own spreadsheet for tracking changes.
• Include a meeting.
• Compare your financial status to the average of the last 100 properties studied. Comparison shows % Funded, Reserve Depletion Factor, Amount-on-Hand and Cost per Owner.
• In addition to the 30-year financial plan included in all studies we also offer a 50-year plan to assure associations their contributions are adequate to avoid substantial increases when studies are updated and assure the association they are prepared for the long range needs of the property.



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